Pravapis·org was a private Internet project with the objective to put together various resources about the Belarusian language, aimed at linguists and philologists interested in the Belarusian language. This is an archived version of Pravapis·org.

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Belarusian Classical Orthography 2005 PDF and DOC September 10th, 2005 These are the new rules of the classical orthography

White Ruthenia Ethographic Map [735 KB] JPEG by Jan Stankievich July 28th, 2005 “Ethnographical and Historical Territories and Boundaries of Whiteruthenia” is a rare ethnographic map from the well-known 20th century Belarusan linguist and ethnography researcher Dr. Jan Stankievich that outlines the areal of Belarusian people based on linguistic features of the dialects. The map was published in New York in 1953, the scanned image can be found at the bottom of the page.

Fundamentals of Modern Belarusian [421 KB] PDF by Chris Marchant February 18th, 2004 a short introduction to Belarusian grammar.

Turkish-Belarusian Phrasebook of 1836 [3,0MB] PDF., New York, 1995 December 2nd, 2002 The unique Turkish-Belarusian Phrasebook of 1836 (Türkçe-Belarusça Kilavuz Yil = 1836) compiled and transliterated by S.Shupa, published in 1995 in New York. Click here for more details and free download.

Belarusan ABC for kids [2,2MB] PDF. vyd. Zaranka, New York, 1964 October 3rd, 2002 [This is a very rare edition of Belarusian ABC for kids “Lemantar” written in Lacinka (Belarusian Latin Script) and was published in New York in 1964. The ABC contains 96 scanned pages (black\&white, 150dpi). I have received it from Cambridge (big thanks Mikola Paczkajeu!) and scanned it into the PDF format. ](/assets/belarus_lemantar.pdf)

Sample Phrase Book [370KB] PDF. by Uladzimir Katkouski October 6th, 2001 [The sample Belarusian-English phrase book (first 20 pages) is modeled after Berlitz guides. The reminder of the book will be posted after the work is complete. Please contact the author if you are interested in publishing it or using it in some other fashion. The file is in PDF format (you need Acrobat or similar program to read it). ](lphrase2001.pdf) Attention: You also can download a full phrasebook by George Stankevich Conversational Belarusian for English-speaking students from Belarusian Review site

NN Orthographic Dictionary [644KB] Zipped CHM. By NN editorial team September 29th, 2001 The new Nasza Niva orthopgraphic dictionary (classical spelling)