Uladzimir Katkoŭski, 2004-12-30

Pravapis·org was a private Internet project with the objective to put together various resources about the Belarusian language, aimed at linguists and philologists interested in the Belarusian language. This is an archived version of Pravapis·org.

A list of topics for articles

White Ruthenia Ethographic Map based on linguistic features by Jan Stankievič July 28th, 2005

Fundamentals of Modern Belarusian, Chris Marchant. February 18th, 2004

Belarusan ABC for kids, ed. Zaranka, New York, 1964. Thanks to Mikola Pačakajeŭ! October 3rd, 2002

Sample Phrase Book by Uladzimir Katkoŭski. See also a phrasebook Conversational Belarusian for English-speaking students by George Stankevich (Belarusian Review). October 6th, 2001

Спіс тэм для артыкулаў

Лемантар лацінкай і кірыліцай, выд. Заранка, Нью-Ёрк, 1964. 3 кастрычніка, 2002

Англійска-беларускі размоўнік, частка. У. Каткоўскі. 6 кастрычніка, 2001

    • Uladzimir Katkoŭski